Wholesale Drop Ship – Finding the Right Drop Ship Source For Your Online Business

Reliable Shipping Agent For Cargo Shipping - Alibaba.comAir freight is the fastest way to import and export goods internationally. However, finding reliable agents is never as simple as it sounds. Aside from the groups of people and organizations offering these services, there are also scammers everywhere.

Air cargo forwarders offer good commissions 미국배송대행 and earning opportunities to those who want to work with them. They look for agents to help them acquire clients. These people then work as representatives or mediators between the shipping companies and those who need their services.

The income in this line of work will not be fixed because it depends on the number of clients that representatives can provide their companies with, or the amount of money they can bring to the company. Through word of mouth, a lot of people can become interested in the industry. This can be beneficial to shipping companies because of the free advertising.

Competitive Rates

The competition that exists among various shipping representatives has affected the rate of the services offered. This is why there is no standard shipping price. Agents try to have better rates than their competitors to gain more clients.

They do not just do this to find new clients but to keep their existing customers as well. They are aware that they can lose an account anytime if their clients find that the services of other firms are more cost-effective than what they offer. As a matter of fact, there are even privileged freight users who can request special rates.

Better customer care

One other way that brokers do to gain and keep clients is to provide better customer care. Some established companies even have hotline services available anytime of the day. These hotlines would attend to the needs of customers whether about complaints, requests of quotations or inquiries. For international clients who do not want to spend money on phone calls, they can send mail to their agents and expect responses promptly.

Some also offer gifts, free items, even discounts on shipment rates to clients that are loyal to them. These gestures have psychological impacts to organizations that depend on freight agents.

Customized Services

Some shipment brokers win the loyalty of their clients by offering customized services. They include cargo pick-ups according to the date specified by customers. If they are connected to different forwarders, agents also let their clients decide which companies they prefer to carry their goods.

The use of agents is an efficient way for shipping companies to expand their businesses and offer services in different places. Sad to say, they are bundled with disadvantages that affect those that need to ship products. They include: