How to Play Soccer – The Basics

Bill Shankly, the former Liverpool manager, once stated:


Although it sounds simple, it is not.

What are the rules for soccer?
What does the rule of soccer have to do with how you play soccer?
What skills are needed?
Which tactics should you use?
What physical attributes are required by soccer players?
Are there any special fitness requirements for soccer players?
What should I first learn?
Which formation is best for a team?
What should you do first?

If you want to learn how to play soccer live score liga italia well, the first thing you need is great technical skills. You can only develop technical skills by practicing a lot and repeating various soccer drills. While tactics and teamwork play an important role in how a team plays, their performance will be affected by the technical abilities of the players.

These are the basic skills required to be a soccer player:

Ball Control

You need to practice a lot and be committed to your soccer skills. Repetition is key to great soccer skills. To develop great soccer skills, I recommend that players practice for at least 30 minutes per day. This includes juggling a soccerball to improve their technical abilities.

Formations and tactics

Soccer is all about teamwork. Understanding how to score goals and how to defend against opposition teams requires a deep understanding of the game as well as how to get players to use different soccer formations.

Soccer Fitness

How you play soccer can be greatly affected by being fit for soccer. One time I was part of a team that had very limited technical abilities compared to the rest of the league. However, we won the league because we were the most fit team and were able to win games even in the last minutes. Never underestimate the importance of fitness in your game.

Rules of Soccer

There are many forms of soccer. FIFA is the global governing body of soccer. FIFA sets the rules for how soccer should be played. The laws of soccer have an impact on how you play, so all players need to be familiar with them.

The basics of soccer are a combination of soccer skills, team tactics, team formations, and soccer fitness.

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