How Does Zodiac Sign Astrology Work?

Celtic art encompasses symbols and patterns which shape a completely unique language, capable of providing its hidden secrets to those who understand it. This language consists of historic zodiac or astrological symptoms that are a perfect choice if you are seeking out precise and fascinating Celtic design tattoos.

Celtic Astrology and the Druids
The ancient Druids had been the primary to practice astrology. Their astrological system divided the year into 13 months with every month being assigned tree each possessing magical traits and secret mysteries.

The Celts noticed the universe inside the shape of a tree whose roots grew deep and whose branches stretched in the direction of the heavens. The Druids believed that the entire human race descended from bushes and encoded these mysteries into the Ogham alphabet, the name deriving from Ogma who became the Celtic God of poetry and eloquence.

The Druids believed that natural and supernatural energies dwelt in timber and so that they taken into consideration timber residing entities that possessed the powers of limitless awareness and endless knowledge, symbolically represented because the cycle of Life, death and renewal

Celtic Tree Astrology

As a long way as the Druids are worried, all mankind descended from 13 sacred bushes, every tree changed into afforded precise traits and attributes and magical qualities.

– The first is the Birch Tree. If you’re born among 24 December and 20 January this would be your zodiac signal. It represents renewal and beginning, tolerance, toughness and resilience.

– If you had been born between 21 January and 17 February your zodiac will be the Rowan tree which guarded the gateway to the spirit world. If this is your sign you would be considered idealistic, humanitarian and spiritual.

– The Ash Tree is your signal if you have been born among 18 February and 17 March and this tree indicates imagination, intuition and inventive ability. You could be without difficulty stimulated with the aid of nature.

– 18 March – 14 April might make your Celtic zodiac signal the Alder tree. Alder human beings are courageous, lively and independent and hazard takers.

– You might undertake the Willow tree if you have been born in the months between 15 April and 12 May and might be dominated via the Moon providing you with realistic belief and expertise of all matters.

– The Hawthorn tree is your symbol if you were born between thirteen May and 9 June. Hawthorn people are mercurial, innovative and confident, effortlessly bored, eloquent and herbal performers.

– People born among 10 June and 7 July fall underneath the zodiac sign of the Oak tree and feature a deep respect for history and ancestry. 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings and compatibility They are nurturing and generous and lots of grow to be instructors. They are often critical minded.

– You might undertake the Holly tree in case your birthday falls between 8 July and 4 August and might find that many stuff come to you without problems. You are noble and excessive minded and often take positions of management as you’re realistic and steadfast.

– The beautiful Hazel tree belongs to the ones born among 5 August and 1 September and these human beings like regulations, however opt to lead them to than follow them. They are herbal lecturers and excel in research. They are inventive but like to hold statistics to themselves.

– If you have been born between 2 September and 29 September then your zodiac sign would be the Vine tree and have a tendency to have excessive requirements. You are detached and quiet however this masks someone who is romantic and inclined.

– Ivy tree: zodiac people are born between 20 September and 27 October. They are giving and tender spoken but own a keen wit.

– Your Celtic zodiac will be the Reed tree in case you were born among 28 October and 24 November. You generally tend to get drawn into gossip and scandals however love legends and folklore. You are complex, fearless, proud and unbiased and love to find real and crucial meanings about things.

– If you have been born among 25 November and 23 December your zodiac signal will be the Elder tree. You are often misjudged as an outsider and because of this have a tendency to withdraw even though you could be recognised to be the wildest of all the Celtic zodiac signs and symptoms.

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